Frankston beach, CBD yobbos get the boot

FRANKSTON police are using exclusion orders to remove people committing drunk, violent or disruptive crimes from central Frankston and the beach.

Sergeant Sam Booth said that if a magistrate upheld the order, the offender was not allowed back in the designated area bordered by Fletcher Road, Young Street, High Street and the beach for 12 months.

Police could also choose to issue a banning notice on the spot, which prevented the person from visiting the designated area for three days.

Sergeant Booth said exclusion orders were executed under the Liquor Control Reform Act for specific offences committed in or near licensed venues.

In February, a 39-year-old Frankston man got an exclusion notice for repeatedly carrying homemade knives in the central activities area. "This is effective and we are going to push it more," Sergeant Booth said.

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