Geoff Shaw to stay on as independent after quitting Liberals

LATEST: The state government will continue to govern despite the walkout of maverick Frankston MP Geoff Shaw earlier today.

Mr Shaw was briefly at parliament today to deliver his resignation from the Liberal Party in a short letter, as the Liberal party locked itself in meetings for much of the day. He will stay in parliament as an independent.

This week the Government has been rocked by scandals including Premier Ted Baillieu referring his top staffer Tony Nutt to the anti-corruption watchdog.

SEE: Geoff Shaw talks to Frankston Weekly

SEE: Frankston MP Geoff Shaw quits

Just before lunch the ALP called for a division in the lower house to check whether the government had enough votes in the house to win.

The government won with the slimmest margin, 43 to 42, which would have been even had former opposition treasury spokesman Tim Holding not stepped down in February from the seat of Lyndhurst.

Mr Baillieu assured the media the government was workable.

"We will continue to govern and we will govern decisively and with courage," he said.

Mr Baillieu said Mr Shaw provided a short letter of resignation to say he did it for his electors.

Mr Shaw hadn't "put any demands in writing", Mr Baillieu said in response to questions on whether the government would seek a deal with him.

"He presented us with a letter, so there you go."

Mr Baillieu did not say whether a deal had been struck to have Mr Shaw vote with the government.

Opposition leader Daniel Andrews ruled out a situation where the ALP would avoid Mr Shaw's vote.

"How Mr Shaw votes is a matter for him," he said.

"Let's have a look at what he says his intentions are if and when he makes a statement."

"He has certainly not sought to speak to me and I'd be surprised if he did."

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