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Parking for disabled: the rules

As mayor I would like to clarify for the people of Frankston the rules and regulations regarding disabled parking permits.

There are two types of parking permits. The first is category 1 (the blue display label). This is issued to a person who is the primary carer for a person with a permanent disability or is a person who uses a wheelchair, motorised scooter, or similar device that prevents access to a vehicle in a standard parking bay. This label allows the permit holder to park in a disabled parking bay for the specified time or park in a standard parking bay for double the specified time.

The second is the category 2 (the green display label). This is issued to people who can access a vehicle in a standard parking bay but require additional time to complete their visit to the area. This permit entitles the permit holder to park their vehicle for twice the specified time in a permitted parking area. It does not permit the holder of this permit to park in a disabled parking bay.

People with a temporary but not permanent disability can also apply for a permit.

Here in Frankston, holders of disability parking permits are eligible to park along Frankston foreshore for the time stipulated without having to pay a fee or display a foreshore parking permit.

Permits must be clearly displayed at all times and used only by the permit holder.

The disabled persons parking scheme is administered by local councils but VicRoads is responsible for establishing the regulations that govern the scheme.

For more information about obtaining a disabled parking permit and the conditions of use go to the community well-being page of the council's website frankston.vic.gov.au.

Sandra Mayer, Frankston mayor

Re: Costly restoration (Weekly, 26/2/13)

South East Water's new Frankston head office will house our 700 staff and provide a central point for our customers to reach us. 

Positioned on Frankston's boulevard, it also provides a great opportunity for us to work with the community to help rejuvenate this underutilised part of the city.

Recent claims that we will ignore our responsibility of repairing any damage caused during construction, and leave the redevelopment of the boulevard to Frankston City Council, are incorrect and require clarification. In fact, we will be working with Frankston Council to build a generous public space for everyone to enjoy, stretching beyond the foot of our new building and down to Kananook Creek.

As part of the works we will also relocate a sewage pump station on the site at our own cost, allowing hundreds of thousands of dollars to be freed up to help revitalise Kananook Creek.

We look forward to the days when Frankston residents, city workers, and our staff can enjoy their lunch on our wide public verandah, meet for a coffee at one of the cafes or restaurants that will line the building, or relax on the grass under one of the native trees that will shade the area.

We remain committed to minimising the impact of construction and, like all capital works projects that we undertake in our service region, we will reinstate the area — and in this case go one step further and leave it better than ever.

Our move comes at a time when Frankston has a number of exciting projects on the cards to redefine the region. We look forward to being part of this rejuvenation.

Kevin Hutchings, managing director, South East Water

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