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Re: 'Back to school' bid backed

What is state Education Minister Martin Dixon doing about the closure of the St Anthony's Coptic College in Frankston North? Surely some form of school for autistic kids, deaf/blind kids or other disabled kids could be run from that campus.

Carmen (via web)

Re: Drivers give Link the tick

I was surprised to read that consideration is being given to downgrading Nepean Highway. This would seem unnecessary, backwards even, and a waste of money. Different route options are required for local traffic and for emergency situations. The highway is already largely single-lane after allowing for parking and cyclists I would like to see how it can be that downgrading works would actually enhance the area.

Misty, Seaford (via email)

Re: South East Water releases HQ plans

It is on the Frankston foreshore where parking is a great problem. Friends came to see the Sand Sculpting but went home disappointed because there was nowhere to park. It's impossible to find a park near Frankston's main entrance to the beach, [near] where the 10- storey South East Water office building is proposed. About 700 office workers coming and going will certainly have an impact on traffic flow on our prized beach area.

Concerned resident, Frankston (via email)

We don't need this TAC ad

As someone who regularly assists victims of road trauma throughout Frankston and the peninsula, especially vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, I was saddened to see that the TAC has decided to re-run an ad from 2009 that was widely condemned by the riding community at the time.

The TAC has had years of correspondence from those that ride and are advocates of safe riding, that this ad, 'The Ride' misses the mark. It also flies in the face of the parliamentary motorcycle safety inquiry that reported the figures used in the ad were inaccurate, and urged future ad campaigns to help vulnerable road users, rather than demonising them by reinforcing negative stereotypes.

We regularly see many motorcyclists on the scenic roads of the peninsula, many of them acting responsibly, and at a time when we have also seen the opening of Peninsula Link, I would like to see all road users looking out for each other and a focus on increasing road safety generally rather than an ad on TV that tars all motorcyclists with the one brush.

Canda Glanville, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Frankston

Thanks for looking after buoys

We'd like to express a big thank you to the Frankston Life Saving Club for continuing to place and retrieve the safety zone marker buoys along Frankston beach this summer to safeguard beachgoers and clearly show powered craft operators the definite swim zone. We donated these buoys to the club on the basis that it would place and retrieve them through the 2011-12 swimming season and from then on use them for its own purposes.

Parks Victoria promised us that there would be permanent markers for this summer but has again failed to fulfil its pledge. So the life saving club has again taken on the task, unrequested or expected, of placing and retrieving the temporary buoys without compensation for their efforts. We urge Parks Victoria to honour their promise.

John Curran, Long Island Residents Group, Frankston

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