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Anyone else see this UFO?

I just came across this amazing UFO image (pictured above the sand sculpture)  among some photos I took at the Frankston Sand Sculptures exhibition when I visited with relatives on December 30. I took two images in quick succession on my iPhone, and it only appears in one. It has not been altered by me in any way. I'm amazed how much like a flying saucer it is. I wonder if anyone else has come across it in their photos as well. I live in Sydney and was just visiting, so not sure if anyone else down there has seen it in their photos.

Suzie Watt (via email)

Re: Witness claims driver was attempting to flee (web story)

Maybe this is the main reason that there should be a track or some place for car enthusiasts to take their cars. Not all people into cars are hoons.

Edski (via web)

There is a track. Two in fact. Sandown has opened to the public, and there is also Calder Park.

Allei Shaddick (via web)

I don't think you can classify hoons who drop donuts, thrash the guts out of their cars and tyres as car enthusiasts. If you were a car enthusiast you wouldn't be doing what had happened on Tuesday night. If you think what they do to the roads is cool, you're a fool.

Car enthusiast (via web)

How the hell can a police officer be identifying himself if he's far enough away to have time to pull his gun and shoot while the car drives at him? Cops wonder why they have no respect.

Nath (via web)

What is wrong with [police] getting the plate number and waiting for the alleged offender at his or her home?

Brelea09 (via web)

Re: Seaford scrub fire forces closure of Peninsula Link entry ramp

Something has to be done about all these fires being lit. We have all these idiots in nearly every state lighting fires. They think it's OK to do so. They are complete morons — uneducated, unsupervised, irresponsible people who desperately need to get a life. Fining them won't stop this senseless thing that they think is 'cool' or 'OK'.

Alantempest (via web)

Re: Tips on health, safety will make you appy

A very clever application that may very well save the life of a loved one.

Bella Roche (via web)

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