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Re: Perth in Scotland: here we come

Well done Daniel, and great going, kids. Looking forward to your stories when you return.

Wendy, Crestmead, Queensland (via web)

Re: VicRoads works on vision

Come on Premier Ted Baillieu: on-the-ground improvements and tweaking light sequences is certainly not a vision for Nepean Highway. Again, all spin and substance. First, the Premier takes credit for the construction of Peninsula Link when it was the previous government's investment. Now he is trying to tell us this!

Lillian, Frankston South (via web)

Re: School crossing cash slash

Approaching Frankston Council without validated facts is inviting rejection. A site survey and risk assessment, showing the potential outcome of the proposed changes, will attract attention based purely on the potential fallout and litigation that may come, should there be an incident. Clearly no financial compensation can reverse the potential injury or death of a child but in a world so dominated by the bottom line, it will undoubtedly draw the attention of the upper echelon who ultimately make the big decisions. Sadly this is not an isolated occurrence; it is happening all over Victoria. So it needs to be stopped now before more innocent lives are placed at risk. 

Wrecking Ball (via web)

Re: Police vow to reduce road trauma

Road safety and road trauma awareness needs to be taught in schools to all 15, 16, 17 year olds before they become solo drivers. Harmful risk-taking in young people, particularly in young males, is part of the reason we see young male drivers making up about 70 per cent of our road toll. Each month I speak to repeat road traffic offenders at road trauma awareness seminars about my family's road trauma story and it is clear from the response of these young people, mainly men aged 16-25, that they have no real comprehension about the ripple effect road trauma has on family, friends and the wider community.

Karen Robinson, road safety campaigner in memory of Ben 2009.

Re: Frankston Hospital to extend cut

If closure does not sacrifice patient care, then why do these beds exist? Governments are playing Yes Minister and have put lives at risk. In 2007, then opposition leader Kevin Rudd promised to end the blame game. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has not ended this promise, so she must be to blame.

N of Frankston (via web)

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