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Re: Seaford tells Macca's to SCRAM

Seaford shopping centre is a 'village'-type precinct. It would be spoilt by a Macca's, due to the inevitable drop in business at existing food businesses and its inconsistency with existing ambience. Another fast food outlet is not required. I completely oppose this planning application.

Ron Reichwald (via web)

I've lived around Seaford since the day I was born. I'm in my 30s and I like McDonald's but there are already stores in Seaford, Frankston and Karingal, and more in the shopping centres. I appreciate the small-business food shops in Seaford. Move into our area and I'll never visit a McDonald's anywhere ever again. Your competitors will get my business.

Aperson123987 (via web)

Re: School crossing cash slash

All concerned should contact Frankston Council about planning, building and infrastructure. You need to provide an independent site survey with video footage, photographs, elevation of land, number of vehicles. My belief is the state government this financial year has delayed spending on upgrades to crossings by engaging in a speed limit review moratorium to be announced mid-June. To implement a 40km/h limit on all school crossings in Victoria could cost about $30,000 a site. This is the motivation to reduce school crossing sites by June. There is no difference between a school crossing in front of school and a school crossing used by children to get to school.

Axeman (via web)

This is quite poor from this state government to say the least. First they rip money out of our VCAL and TAFE courses, then they rip away the school start bonus, and now, the school crossings. While Frankston Liberal MP Geoff Shaw sits on his hands and lets it all happen. What's next?

Nancy (via web)

Re: Homes escape Seaford fire

We are so grateful for the prompt action of our police and firefighters in responding to the two fires in the Frankston North-Seaford area. It is tragic that so many of our forest fires all over the country are being deliberately started. There are some people who obviously get a charge from this destructive activity. The sooner they are caught, the better.

Gillian Collins (via web)

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