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Re: Hospital to 'cope' despite fund cuts

Melbourne's population "not grown as quickly as expected"? This is absurd! Our growth is set at full-throttle, due to the housing industry. We are facing massive health care cuts while we have heavy population growth. It's a recipe for disaster. How many people must suffer, and die, waiting for medical care? Our state's reliance on the housing industry is misanthropic as it relies on, and is driven by, population growth. The costs of population growth on infrastructure, living standards, state budgets and the environment can't be sustained. The growth model must be questioned, and replaced by a real, productive and sustainable economy.

Tony Beaver (via web)

Re: South East Water releases HQ plans

Is parking really a problem in Frankston? I've never had an issue parking within the Frankston CBD.

Martin (via web)

Even during the Christmas peak, parking was not an issue. It amazes me that people claim there is a shortage. Perhaps it's about reframing the problem: when people complain about parking, is it more an issue of not wishing to pay for parking? To debate this, we need to understand what people mean. Certainly there are improvements to be made around traffic flow; these have been present for some time. However, I'm not clear that any development along the creek will impact upon those. Young and Playne streets are key problems, and continue to be, despite recent works. Interestingly, the problem of traffic flow in those locations is the parking, and on Young Street the mix of buses, taxis, cars and pedestrians combined with the parking just makes it a total mess.

Lydia Wheeler (via web)

Re: McDonald's faces fight in Seaford

Macca's close to any beach is a very, very, very bad idea, not to say disgusting. It just doesn't agree with beach culture! And besides, imagine if just 5 per cent of the rubbish produced by Macca's ends up flying away from bins, from trucks or simply being thrown away by inhumane people? It's a straight 'no' from me!

Jmcolombo (via web)

Tree of life?

How can Peninsula Link's wind-activated sculpture (pictured) be titled The Tree of Life when it stands in an area of thoughtless devastation where living trees were cut down, many of which were homes to precious wildlife. The 'tree of death', more like it. The construction of Peninsula Link has caused death and destruction to beautiful flora and fauna, all to save us humans a little time. I think of the sculpture as a tombstone reminding me of the loss. Who else is mourning with me?

LR Cater, Langwarrin

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